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Professional Hygiene Services & Pest Control in Cape Town

Hygiene & Bugs R Us are a trusted eco-friendly Pest Control & Hygiene Services company in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer safe, certified, colourless, odourless pest control services and our products are safe for children, people and animals and no-one needs to be out of the home or building during treatments.

We service all areas of the Western Cape, from Cape Town’s Northern and Southern Suburbs, City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard, South Peninsula, West Coast, Cape Winelands, Cape Metropole, Mother City, Helderberg and Cape Flats.

We pride ourselves on our fast, efficient and effective service.

We ensure a safe, hygienic, pest free work and home environment. We focus on the prevention, control and eradication of all pest in South Africa by using environmentally friendly products which are approved by the Department of Agriculture, Act36 of 1947.

Hygiene & Bugs R Us is family owned and operated, ensuring all aspects of the work performed are carried out to perfection. All our technicians are registered by the Department of Agriculture and have the expertise and experience to resolve any pest or hygiene problem that may arise at your residential, commercial or industrial property.

While we focus on eradicating your pest problem, we will also recommend implementing an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program, where both the client and Hygiene & Bugs R Us are involved with creating a safe and healthier environment to prevent and eradicate any pest infestations.

Not all pest or hygiene problems are identical so we at Hygiene & Bugs R Us will customize an individual solution to resolve your pest control or hygiene problem. There are many different aspects to take into account such as:

  • how long the problem has been evident,
  • establishing where the pest are entering from
  • Their main harborage sites
  • The environment pest are being treated
  • Preventing future infestations

Our technicians have the required knowledge and experience to treat and eradicate all common pest such as:

    We only use registered products & all our personnel are trained and registered with the department of agriculture.