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Want to earn extra money?

We at Hygiene & Bugs R Us (H&B) have an escalating referral Cash Back or discount program for qualified referrals.

As a valued customer, we appreciate your business and would like to say thank you by giving you the opportunity to make some extra money through our new referral program.

How can I make extra money?

For each friend, neighbor, family member, acquaintance or client you refer to Hygiene & Bugs R Us (H&B), who uses any of our pest control services, you can receive anything from R50 (Fifty Rand) to R100 (One Hundred Rand) cash back per referral or you can use it as a discount on your next service. The best part is that there is No Limit!!!

Simply Complete the online referral form or you can ask the pest control technician for a form and return it to us.

When will I receive my payment?

1. Cash back or discounts will only be paid out once your referred have made payment for services to H&B.
2. You may request a payout any time after your referred have made payment. Payment will be made by EFT.

Referral program terms and conditions:

1. Person being referred must be a new customer.
2. There is no limit to the number of referrals and rewards.
3. Only from the 6th referral will you be eligible for a R100 per referral and R200 bonus for the 20th referral providing all these referrals are made in 1 calendar month from the 1st referral.
4. Referral must be submitted prior to the service being performed.
5. Cash back or discount will only be paid once the referred has paid.
6. This cash back or discount is not for rebate clients
7. Only 1 cash back or discount per referred client.
8. Only the first submitted referral for the same customer will be accepted.

Cash Referral Hygien and Bugs r us      Cash Referral Hygien and Bugs r us

2017 Referral schedule:

Client referral cash back/ discount payouts in one calendar month

1. R50 per referral/ discount
2. R50 per referral / discount
3. R50 per referral / discount
4. R50 per referral/ discount
5. R50 per referral / discount

5 referrals = R250 cash back or discount

6. R100 per referral / discount
7. R100 per referral/ discount
8. R100 per referral / discount
9. R100 per referral / Discount
10. R100 per referral / discount

10 Referrals = R750.00 cash back or discount

11. R100 per referral / discount
12. R100 per referral/ discount
13. R100 per referral/ discount
14. R100 per referral / discount
15. R100 per referral / discount

15 Referrals = R 1250.00 cash back or discount

16. R100 per referral / discount
17. R100 per referral/ discount
18. R100 per referral/ discount
19. R100 per referral/ discount
20. R100 per referral/ discount

20 Referrals = R1750 + R200 bonus = R1950 cash back or discount

21. R100 per referral after 20 referrals

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